The Museum of Science and Industry

Spring 1 Week 2


Class 4 had a fantastic time learning at The Museum of Science and Industry. They watched Eric the Engineer testing Sam about the Steam Train. Sam found it very tricky to identify the different parts of a Steam Train like the crank, piston, steam dome and foot plate. Class 4 were very helpful in reminding Sam and thankfully, she passed her test to become a Steam Train conductor.


Then Class 4 had a look at old and new vehicles and discussed how they could identify which was old and new by looking at the materials used and the style. They made some fantastic observations. For example, Aliviah said ‘The old horse and cart didn’t have a roof, so they must have got wet.’ Then Harry pointed to the next one and said ‘But look, they have added a roof to this old motor car’. It was great to see them identify the progression of transport through time.


We all then had a chance to go to the experimental area and test some interesting tests and challenges.


All in all, Class 4 had a very challenging and exciting day, learning all about transport and engineering. Many thanks to all the staff who helped and made this possible.



Happy New Year

Spring 1 Week 1

Class 4 had a very busy week back after their Christmas holidays. We talked about what we did over the holidays and shared all of our lovely experiences. It was lovely to hear what everyone got up to and most importantly, the family time they had.


Class 4 were introduced to their new learning challenge ‘Where do the wheels on the bus go?’. Some children shared their home learning and raised some fantastic questions that we will look at answering throughout the topic.

Year 1 have lots of exciting learning experiences coming up including The Museum of Science and Industry, a visit from the Police, a visit to the local Cricket Club and hopefully a visit to a local park. Class 4 are thoroughly looking forward to their future learning and have got the Spring term off to a fantastic start!


Please keep visiting our blog for some pictures of Class 4’s busy and exciting Spring term learning.


RE Day

Autumn 2 Week 6


Class 4 celebrated RE day with the rest of the school and all of them enjoyed learning the Nativity story, especially about the Three Wise Men. The children also looked at why people like to gifts and at who/why they would give a gift to someone. They had some thoughtful ideas and displayed an understanding for appreciating and respecting other people, what they do and even their different beliefs. It was a very calm and reflective day for Year 1.



We are going on a Leaf Hunt and William Morris leaf pictures

Autumn 2 Week 6

To continue with our autumn learning challenge we started reading the book ‘We’re going on a Leaf Hunt’. The children memorised the familiar format very quickly as it was similar to that of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.  There were lots of exciting adjectives in the story to describe autumn, which supported our literacy learning too. Why don’t you ask your child to tell a bit of the story?


Class 4 then looked at some of William Morris’ leaf pictures that focused on repetitive patterns. The children used a leaf to trace around and create a repetitive pattern. They then looked at how stems and the background can enhance and change their picture. Each child presented their picture to the  class and told us what they liked most about using this type of technique.


Mrs Heathcote and I were amazed at some of the outcomes, so much so we have had to find some space to do another display in the classroom.


I think it is safe to say that all the children in Class 4 have enjoyed the learning challenge, ‘Where do the leaves go in winter?’




Decoration Day

Autumn 2 Week 5

The children of Class 4 had a fantastic day making decorations to brighten the school up before Christmas. Some children had their parents come in and make some decorations with them. We made some Christmas baubles which are now hanging in the hall, a class wreath and lots of paper chain tinsel for the classroom. The children even made some salt dough decorations… look out for them coming to a home near you!

Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are now full of the Christmas cheer. Many thanks to all the helpers and parents to attended Decoration Day in school.



Autumn 2 Week 4

This week the children in Class 4 looked at their reasoning skills in maths. They were given a number sentence were the answer was given and 2 shapes were given to represent the numbers that added together to make the answer. I was amazed at the reasoning skills in Class 4 and how well the children worked together to share their ideas and figure out the possible answers!


Why don’t you ask your child to give you a reasoning problem to solve? Happy reasoning!



Anti- bullying week

Autumn 2 Week 3

To celebrate Anti-bullying alongside the rest of the school Class 4 looked at what bullying was, what signs to look out for and what we should do if we are or know anyone is being bullied. The children in Class 4 each had a heart. They were the ‘bullies’ and called it some mean names and crumpled up its feelings. After, they tried to fix the heart and smooth it out. They all quickly realised that this was very hard to do and it never quite went back to how it was before. They realised that this is how bullying can make someone feel.


I was so impressed at all the mature comments on bullying and the community consensus that we all must work together to stop bullying. Mrs Heathcote and I are very proud teachers today!




The Wonder Dome

Autumn 2 Week 2

The children in year 1 were very lucky to experience the Wonder Dome where they learnt all about the planets. They entered the spacious dome and were taken on a journey to the planets in our solar system. They sang a familiar song from Reception and even had the chance to look at how the planets are very different to earth. Some of the boys and girls could even identify which planet is no longer in the solar system! Why don’t you ask them to tell which one it is?


Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed their journey to space and are looking forward to future learning in this area.



Autumn walk to Nansen Park

Autumn 2 Week 1

This week year 1 started their new topic learning challenge, ‘Where do the leaves go in Winter’. To kick things off, we all took a walk to a local park to look for signs of autumn. We found lots of autumnal objects like colourful leaves, sycamore helicopters, berries and bare trees. Class 4 decided that the new season was autumn. Over the week we compared the leaves we found and even looked at what happens to leaves in autumn. Why don’t you ask your child to tell you all about it?


Superhero Day

Autumn 1 Week 7

To celebrate everything that we have learnt in our topic learning challenge ‘Why am I so super’, Year 1 had a super hero day. All the children dressed up as a superhero and had the chance to tell the class about their super powers. They created their own masks and shields, making sure to include their  own personal signature logo. It was a fantastic day and great to see to all the children identify the parts of themselves and their lives that make them so super! Well done class 4 on your fantastic learning in your first topic of year 1!