Idenitfying tens and unit

Spring 2 Week 2

Some of children worked hard on representing the tens and units in 2 digit numbers. They represented the tens and units by drawing numicon shapes. They used this visual aid to count the tens and units and fill in a table. The children enjoyed the challenge of representing the 2 digit number and have a good understanding of the ten and units!


Check out our work!



Snow day and prepositions

Spring 2 Week 2

‘Under my feet is snow…’

Class 4 had a fantastic morning taking advantage of the surprise wintery snow. They went out in their warm clothing and experienced the snow for themselves. They used their knowledge on prepositions to form sentences about the snow and describe what they were experiencing. This helped their writing throughout the week and they are now very knowledgeable on what a preposition is and how to use it.


Why don’t you ask your child to tell you a preposition?



Would the Beatles win the Xfactor?

Spring 2 Week 1

Class 4 returned from the holidays with some fantastic home learning to kick start this half term’s learning challenge of ‘Would the Beatles win the Xfactor?’ We had some guitars, microphones,  submarine art, 1960’s pictures, real vinyl records and a piece of homemade music.  It was fantastic to see how inspired the children were for their new learning challenge and the fantastic home learning that took place during their mid term break.


To kick start our learning in school we started learning the Yellow Submarine song, made our own Yellow Submarines and created our own psychedelic pictures on Abbey Road. When we went to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, the children enjoyed recreating Beatlemania, playing some instruments and learning about their rise to super stardom!


The children throrougly enjoyed their wow week and showed off their super creative talents!We all can’t wait to learn more about the Beatles and the 1960’s!



What has the Naughty Bus been up to now?

Spring 1 Week 6

Oh what a Naughty Bus! Class returned from lunch to their classroom trashed by a very mischievous bus. He emptied the bins, threw some chairs and made an almighty mess. Mrs Bates was not very happy when she walked in and seen the mess. She said that Naughty Bus was to be expelled. This made Class 4 sad, so they decided to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Bates to convince her to let Naughty Bus stay in school. They came up with some fantastic ways that Naughty Bus could say sorry like going to the reflection room, changing his t-shirt and saying sorry to Miss O’Neill. The letters from Class 4 were so persuasive she HAD to let Naughty Bus stay in school… after he spent some time in the reflection room of course!


Have a look at some of the letters and see just how persuasive Class 4 are….


Geography Day


Spring 1 Week 5

So Class 4 were very busy working in their very own Travel Agents. They had to learn all about Iceland including its position on the map, land marks of interest and some facts on the local people. Once they were confident they knew everything there was to know about Iceland, they got busy selling the dream holiday. I was blown away with their knowledge and their fantastic use of the maps  to persuade their friends to visit the beautiful country.


To extend their learning Class 4 also looked at the Northern Lights. Using pastels and black card they created their very own Northern Lights to create a class display. They were full of blues, yellows and purples and made Mrs Heathcote and I feel like we were experiencing the lights for ourselves. Have a look for yourself!


Lancashire Cricket Ground

Spring 1 Week 4

To continue our learning about the local community, Class 4 visited Lancashire Cricket ground. To get there, we walked with Class 3, observing other landmarks of interest along the way like the police station and Trafford College. Some children even recognised the Town Hall and remarked on what an old looking building it was.


When we arrived at the cricket ground the children used their skills of asking appropriate and focused questions to find out more about the grounds. We learnt that:

The cricket ground is over 100 years old!

The old clock does not work, but they have to keep it because it is a protected building (this sparked lots of questions on what that meant and why it was so important to keep that piece of history.)

The cricket grounds has a lot of fantastic uses alongside showing cricket matches. They have concerts, events and other various ways to fundraise to keep the grounds open.


The children enjoyed walking around the grounds and getting to sit in the ever so official media box! The certainly used their investigative skills to learn more about their local area.



Police visit to Gorse Hill Primary School

The police visited Class 4 and brought with them their police car. Class 4 learnt about why and how they use the sirens, the different ways they help the community like keeping us safe and taking people home when they are lost. Class 4 asked some fantastic questions:

Why the cells in Stretford are not in use?

What they use different police vehicles for?

Why do they wear a uniform?

How they you stop people going fast?

Class 4 were lucky enough to speak to another officer over the radio and to see the sirens and lights in action. It was a great morning learning about why police are so important to our local community.




The Museum of Science and Industry

Spring 1 Week 2


Class 4 had a fantastic time learning at The Museum of Science and Industry. They watched Eric the Engineer testing Sam about the Steam Train. Sam found it very tricky to identify the different parts of a Steam Train like the crank, piston, steam dome and foot plate. Class 4 were very helpful in reminding Sam and thankfully, she passed her test to become a Steam Train conductor.


Then Class 4 had a look at old and new vehicles and discussed how they could identify which was old and new by looking at the materials used and the style. They made some fantastic observations. For example, Aliviah said ‘The old horse and cart didn’t have a roof, so they must have got wet.’ Then Harry pointed to the next one and said ‘But look, they have added a roof to this old motor car’. It was great to see them identify the progression of transport through time.


We all then had a chance to go to the experimental area and test some interesting tests and challenges.


All in all, Class 4 had a very challenging and exciting day, learning all about transport and engineering. Many thanks to all the staff who helped and made this possible.



Happy New Year

Spring 1 Week 1

Class 4 had a very busy week back after their Christmas holidays. We talked about what we did over the holidays and shared all of our lovely experiences. It was lovely to hear what everyone got up to and most importantly, the family time they had.


Class 4 were introduced to their new learning challenge ‘Where do the wheels on the bus go?’. Some children shared their home learning and raised some fantastic questions that we will look at answering throughout the topic.

Year 1 have lots of exciting learning experiences coming up including The Museum of Science and Industry, a visit from the Police, a visit to the local Cricket Club and hopefully a visit to a local park. Class 4 are thoroughly looking forward to their future learning and have got the Spring term off to a fantastic start!


Please keep visiting our blog for some pictures of Class 4’s busy and exciting Spring term learning.


RE Day

Autumn 2 Week 6


Class 4 celebrated RE day with the rest of the school and all of them enjoyed learning the Nativity story, especially about the Three Wise Men. The children also looked at why people like to gifts and at who/why they would give a gift to someone. They had some thoughtful ideas and displayed an understanding for appreciating and respecting other people, what they do and even their different beliefs. It was a very calm and reflective day for Year 1.