Big Writing with the fantastic Class 4 – and Mozart!

Thank you to Class 4 for their superb Big Write! Thirty minutes of utter quality silent writing as we helped persuade the Naughty Bus to change his ways, make good choices, stay safe and not get into trouble!

Every member of the class was so busy. The children’s presentation was incredibly neat. All that could be heard was pencils on paper, brains ticking and the soothing quiet notes of Mozart! What a wonderful atmosphere, what wonderful learning and what wonderful effort from every member of Class 4! The Naughty Bus will most definitely change his ways when he reads Class 4’s quality persuasive writing!  Thank you so much children for giving 100%!




Physical Literacy with Manchester United






What an amazing week’s learning with Class 4! Wonderful choices were made by all the children as they listened superbly to Manchester United’s coaches. Fantastic balances, underarm throwing and skipping. Who was the best crabwalker?  Did the boys touchdown first or the girls? Personal challenges with the bean bags were brilliant. How many bean bag flips were done? Could we catch in different hands?  All learning was underpinned with amazing co-operation and team skills!

Manchester United are big fans of Class 4!


Learning with the Naughty Bus!

We have been looking at the Naughty Bus story in Class 4. We have had so much fun and lots of naughty adventures along the way! Fantastic learning has taken place!
We took the naughty bus on an adventure to the park.
We drove on a teacher’s car, did some gymnastics on Burleigh Road sign before crashing and breaking down near the roundabout.
The naughty bus then trashed our classroom as well!
We were all so shocked that we created some rules for the naughty bus to follow. We hope that he behaves himself from now on!SAM_3071 SAM_3069 SAM_3067